Who Is The Undercover Marketer?

The Undercover Marketer is more concerned about your results than promoting himself.

How do these results sound to you?

A result that generated you the revenue you needed to enable your partner to be a full-time carer for your disabled child, a result that grew your company from stillborn to a value of over $20 million, a result that saw you making 300% more conversions for the same effort and outlay, a result that enabled you to buy a helicopter 12 months earlier than planned.

There are countless more, all of which will be revealed in the forthcoming book, “Why you lost that sale – and what to do about it” and in the video trainings we will soon be providing.

The Undercover Marketer started his sales career in the then fledgling telecommunications industry in Adelaide, South Australia. At the age of 21 he was selling expensive systems to executives over twice his age and struggling with credibility as the sales presentation he had been provided was scripted and had to be presented in a prescribed format.


With an expensive car loan and a high-maintenance girlfriend, the Undercover Marketer could see he was on a hiding to nothing and that he had to find a better way to present these products else his sales career would be very short-lived.

Over a wet weekend, he studied the product manual and asked himself the question, “Why would someone buy these products?” In answering the question, the Undercover Marketer imagined how things would change when these systems were implemented. He imagined the positive outcomes, the time savings, the efficiencies and changes in the emotional state of the users after they started to use them.

Using what we now know in NLP terms as moving from; moving towards, the Undercover Marketer fashioned messages in question format to put to his potential customers. These questions were designed to establish if the prospect was experiencing any of the problems these systems would resolve and when they answered “Yes” he simply asked if they were available for a short face to face discussion about a solution. The majority agreed to the discussion.

The questions you might ask at this point relate to the timeliness of the strategies of the Undercover Marketer deployed. Were they applicable then and not now; how have the changing media environment and the advert of social media impacted on these processes?

All good questions and the answer is that the principles of marketing have never changed. They are simply explained (yet hard to implement)…

Humans haven’t changed the way they buy in hundreds, probably thousands of years. They buy from people they know, like and trust, who offer relevant products and services at prices they can afford. If they’re happy they come back and tell their friends. You can visualise the street markets in the ancient world operating on the same principles.

Yes, the medium changes and will continue to do so. Newspapers, once the only media in town, are almost extinct as are many other printed media. Newsweek and Life have disappeared, Time magazine is a shadow of what it was and many others have gone.

New media will always appear but for as long as people have problems, advertising with emotional appeal to an aspirational solution will always generate interest.

Have you heard of his clients? Probably not, they quietly get on with business, their competitors scratching their heads as to what it is they are doing to gain such a large share of the market while struggling themselves. And what about the Undercover Marketer? He isn’t out seeking publicity, preferring to work quietly behind the scenes getting the job done.

Curious about the identity of the Undercover Marketer?

With 40 years’ experience in marketing and sales James Yuille helps clients worldwide to create messages that get people to call them.

He lives between Brisbane and the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia with his wife.

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