"Since adopting your four-step concept I have seen immediate benefits."

Your training manual has encouraged me to think harder and plan better and to analyse exactly what is we sell and what it is our customers want to buy.

I believe any business would benefit enormously from investing in your training system or in you personally as a sales coach. You have both the ability and the knowledge to help any sales person or business owner significantly improve their skills, make more sales and improve their bottom line.

Mike Bartram, Adelaide
"I now enjoy a measurable improvement in sales"

I consider myself fortunate to say the least the morning I met James. His inspiring manner and his knowledge and skill with regard to salesmanship was surpassed only by the specific sales methods he imparted to me at our first coaching session.

Since that day the way I approach business, work with my clients, plan my sales strategy and manage my time have changed dramatically and I now enjoy a measurable improvement in sales.

I can guarantee that anyone who takes the time to share his knowledge and enthusiasm can only prosper.

Peter Foyster, Property Sales Consultant, Brisbane

“The day the ad appeared in the paper the phone started ringing”

We have tried doing our own advertising before, but with little success. After seeing the professional and well written ads produced by your company. we will never go back to trying to do our own.

Angela Trz'an, Investment Property Masters

“Immediate Results”

Within two weeks of launching our new website, we received two significant enquiries from exactly the type of companies we want to partner with.

Gerard Franzoni, Cove Catering

"Responsive to their customer’s needs”

Thank you, Mediaglue, for being a great supplier. It is not often that you come across an organisation who is so responsive to their customer’s needs. The team at Mediaglue always go the extra mile to really understand how the business operates and provide a tailor made solution that truly works. They are creative, responsive and never miss my often tight deadlines. I can always rely on them to get the job done right the first time and on time.

Peta Stratford, Marketing Manager, FreeSolar

“I fully recommend Mediaglue to any business looking for professional design and great service”

We contracted them to create a full stationery suite as well as proposal folders, brochures, car magnets, display banners and a PowerPoint slideshow template, all of which we loved. Their service was professional and everything was done with a minimum of fuss and at reasonable prices.

Gayle Copeland, Dollars At Work
"James, you have a greater, more in-depth knowledge of the sales process that any person I ever worked with"

You have a unique ability to dissect a sales call and analyse exactly what happened and how to do it better next time. Your skills will help innumerable salespeople to achieve higher results.

I worked with Garry at Copispec, he said these words to me when I resigned to take up my first role in sales training with Sales Image. Sadly he passed away a few years later.

Garry Batchelor, ex Sales Manager, 3m Australia and Copispec
"After attending Debra's workshop, I walked out feeling more confident then ever. It's the little things she taught us, that will stick with me forever and was able to work on tips when I got home and I am still conscious about certain things when I'm out in the field. Thank you so much for sharing your extensive knowledge about public speaking, it was great! I will definitely recommend you to all."

Service Category: Public Speaking Trainer

Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Yolande Pritchard
“Debra delivers her presentations with intrigue and passion. She captivates her audience, presenting her listeners with a toolbox of knowledge, yet leaving them with a very practical approach. Debra gives her listeners a clear understanding of the concepts and how to adapt the knowledge to their own situations.”

Michelle North, Life Improvement Seminars
"Still using the information after 12 years"

I attended one of James' seminars back in 2001. As some one who was definitely NOT a salesperson, and was highly sceptical about attending, I found the content to be both relevant and valuable. I still use and refer to his TIPS process to this day and have found it to truly stand the test of time.

"It has helped me both in my business and personal life and I would recommend James' seminars to anyone looking to improve their business communications skills. He really does know what he's talking about."

Anthony Teni